Ports of Tradition
6-day guided bike tour

Ports of Tradition <br /> 6-day guided bike tour

Port wine fans, it’s here. You asked and we’re delivering, our newest route beginning in the hard working city of Porto, or Oporto, as it’s known in some circles. Join us this year as we wind our way through the verdant valley of the Rio Douro (river of gold), making our way by river boat, train, and of course, bicycle! Each day holds a charming new pathway with vistas over the Douro river, best known for its more than 2,000 years of wine producing, and more exclusively, the popular Port Wine. You’ll taste your share as we sample our way through this verdant region, visiting farms and producers who’ll offer their insight into this very distinctly Portuguese tradition. Historically speaking, between the old Roman port of Portus on one side of the Douro, and the early Lusitanian territory known as Cale, on the other, Portus-Cale was formed, only to be later christened as Portugal, after the reconquests by the new kingdom. Today this region is steeped in layers of timeless tradition and legend. From the trendy restaurants in Porto, to the hidden villages and remote vineyards, lining the folds of the man-made terraces of these ancient lands , you’ll get an up-close, hands on experience like never before. Blue Coast Bikes Tours wants you to become a part of the legend, join us as we explore the Ports of Tradition!



Tour Details

  • 2013 | June 16th – June 21st
  • 2013 | July 14th – July 19th
  • 2013 | September 15th – September 20th
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  • UNESCO City of Porto
  • UNESCO Douro Valley | man-made terrace vineyards
  • UNESCO Foz Côa | the largest outdoor gallery of Stone Age art on the planet from the Palaeolithic
  • Port Wines | Wine tastings at local heritage wineries
  • Douro River boat ride
  • Regional dinners & local cuisine
  • Roman roads
  • Enoteca | Wine Museum
  • Full Day Wine harvest experience (dependent on harvesting season)
  • Wine Tasting Course

Day 1 | Baião

Today we’ll start our ride in the UNESCO city of Porto, an outstanding urban landscape built from the hillsides with over 2,000-years of history, where traditional and modern lifestyles merge in perfect harmony. Leaving the bustling city behind, you’ll spend the morning meandering along the tranquil Douro River until we reach our picnic spot on the waterfront. Today you’ll relax in a charming river-front cottage where our friend Jorge welcomes us to enjoy his lifetime creation.

Day 2 | Lamego

Today we’ll start with an early hike up the hill through the Caminho de Jacinto, following the steps of the writer that modernized Portuguese Literature with his unique style in the XIX century. A quiet rural pathway, connecting the original train station to the house of Eça de Queiroz (today housing a foundation in his memory), will reveal the personal insights that inspired one of his masterpieces “The City and the Mountains”.

After a breath of cultural inspiration let’s start discovering the heart of the famous man-made terraced wine-country landscape that shapes the UNESCO Douro Valleys. Today relax by the swimming pool watching the sunset with a privileged view over the Douro river in a remarkable luxurious Hotel SPA.

Day 3 | Pinhão

Today we’ll bike down into the riverfront town of Peso da Régua, where we’ll visit the Port Wine Museum and discover what makes this region so special, producing quality wines for over 2000 years. Next we’ll bike to a heritage winery to taste some award winning wines and learn the art of wine-tasting in a festive crash course. Today we’ll reach our riverfront Vintage Hotel by train in an extraordinary journey along the Douro river. Take your time to relax by the pool or on a traditional Rabelo boat tour, before we are treated to the delicacies of one of Portugal’s most internationally recognized chefs at his own restaurant by the riverside.

Day 4 | Alijó

Now that your legs have built up their strength you’re ready for an invigorating ride along the breathtaking landscapes of man-made terraces that mould the sloping vineyards and give birth to some of the most appreciated wines in the world, the star of which is Port! We’ll head up towards the town of Alijó where you’ll be part of living history, relaxing at an historic Manor House. It’s time to celebrate with a great feast prepared in this award winning gastronomical landmark.

Day 5 | Vila Nova de Foz Côa

Today we’ll be taking a leisurely ride and loop through the vineyards of Favaios, a major producer of Moscatel wine in the North of Portugal, until we reach the innovative Enoteca, awarded the Best of Wine Tourism. We’ll learn about the secrets and traditions of wine-making and eventually be part of a unique harvesting experience. After a full day, a transfer we’ll take us to our next destination… a unique and luxurious historic village where we’ll be celebrating our journey with a farewell dinner sampling the best of the Portuguese Cuisine while toasting with some memorable wines!

Day 6 | Porto… Até breve!

Today a transfer will be taking us back to Porto, but we’ll first stop in to visit the Foz Côa Museum and take a jeep tour to see a UNESCO classified site where we’ll encounter the largest outdoor gallery of Stone Age art on the planet, straight to us from the Palaeolithic period!

  • Tour Length: 6 days / 5 nights
  • Price: 2795€ | 5% group discount for groups 6+ available at the time of booking
  • Includes: Trek touring/hybrid bicycle & helmet rental; support vehicle & guides; accommodations with breakfasts; luggage transfer; wine tastings; rider’s insurance; BCB jersey & water bottle
  • Single Supplement: 650€
  • Accommodations: charming river-front cottage, vintage house, historic manors, luxury hotel SPA, premium village resort
  • Dining: breakfasts, picnic lunches, dinners with wine
  • Daily Distance: 15-35 miles / 25-60 Km average
  • Terrain: moderate with some longer climbs, paved rolling, winding hillsides, cobblestone roads
  • Minimum/Maximum participants: 4 / 16


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